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Slow running site? Performance issues when traffic levels increase? Frequent outages? Zoocha can help.

The Zoocha Performance Optimisation Audit is a platform / technology agnostic consulting service that we can carry out against any site, no matter what technologies you are using behind the scenes. We can help you make your website faster.

Why make your website faster?

  • Amazon reported a 1% drop in sales, attributed to every extra 0.1 second that the site took to load.
  • In an A/B test, Google increased the number of search results to 30 per page. This resulted in a loading time increase of 80% (from 0.5s to 0.9s). The net effect was that adwords revenues dropped 20%!
  • Reduced costs per page load: Less resources will be consumed on your server, and reduced bandwidth costs. The offshoot of this is that your server will be able to handle more visitors.
  • Increased search visibility: Google factors in site performance to its ranking algorithm, so with a faster site, increased levels of search traffic will follow.
  • Improved User Experience: Studies suggest that users spend longer on a site, and visit more pages when pages load quicker.
  • Bigger turnover: The end goal of this exercise is to deliver more revenue, conversions or whatever you are looking to achieve through your site.

When is a sensible time to carry out a performance audit?

  • When users, and your internal team start to comment that your site is running slow.
  • Prior to commissioning any SEO work. SEO gains are often incorrectly attributed to offsite SEO activity - SEO agencies often make website performance suggestions as part of a 'technical SEO audit' where gains in search visibility are much easier to achieve.
  • When you considering an upgrade, or are struggling to scale your infrastructure / server estate. If through optimising what you have already, you can extend the life of your current hardware, then big saving can be achieved.
  • When you are trying to optimise your conversion rate.

Why engage an outside consultant?

  • You'll get an impartial fresh perspective.
  • A consultant will generally have broader experience across more sites, that are using different technologies and techniques.
  • We have knowledge of the latest approaches, and know what their impact can be.
  • We'll bring new ideas to the table, and help you plan for the future.

What areas do we audit?

  • Evaluation of front-end (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Delivery and usage of assets
  • Mechanism of delivery of the site, and its assets
  • Back-end / infrastructure
  • Database configuration
  • Cookies and 3rd Party scripts
  • Cache implementation across all layers

What is the output?

  • An actionable list of recommendations, tailored to your site and platform, including examples that can often be directly applied
  • Process improvement suggestions so that recommendations aren't lost overtime with business as usual work
  • Liaison with your in-house development team to help get recommendations implemented, and baked in to their thinking and approach
  • A faster site.

Who have we done this for?

Drupal 10 triple certified
UX Certified
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