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Walkabout World Cup 2010 Campaign


This week, we launched the 2010 Fifa World Cup marketing campaign for Walkabout Bars. With the campaign microsite as the focal point of the activity. The World Cup is this years major trade driving event for most consumer facing businesses, and the on-trade, who have had a difficult few years, stand to gain the most if they position themselves well enough. Walkabout are rising to the challenge and leading the way for the pub trade!

The tension is mounting and anticipation grows. Hearts stop beating in every corner of the country with each picture of Wayne Rooney on crutches, as the nation prepares for this summer’s sporting roller coaster – The 2010 football world cup finals in South Africa!

As the big event edges nearer, attention turns to the age old question… Where will we watch the matches? There is a lot to consider; enough room for all your mates, easy access to plenty of refreshments, half time munchies and of course, un-hampered view of a very BIG screen!

The solution has come from down under! Walkabout Bars, the Aussie themed pub chain, are emulating their home team’s impressive world cup form by offering ‘the next best thing to being there’ in all their bars. Like the ‘socceroos’, who head to South Africa for the world cup finals having topped their group in an unbeaten qualifying run of form, Walkabout are planning to score a winner with punters this summer.

“We have a brilliant line up for the World Cup this summer” says James Mawer, Head of Commercial at iNTERTAIN, the parent company behind the Walkabout brand. “Our bars are the perfect venue to enjoy all the action. Watching the games on our 15 ft high definition screens really is ‘the next best thing to being there’. Combine that with our awesome range of food and drinks as well as great friendly service and we are confident we will be the winning team!”

To help fans guarantee the perfect world cup experience, Walkabout are offering a selection of pre booked packages, from Bronze to Gold as well as a Platinum ‘Season Ticket’. Starting from £5 per person, each package guarantee’s entry to a reserved area with prime view of the massive HD screens. The Gold tickets include dedicated service and your first drink (bottle of Budweiser or pint of Carling) and a burger or hotdog.

Walkabout have even set up a dedicated website, for fans to find their nearest bar and book their seats. “We wanted to make the website reflects the experience of watching the games in our bars” explains Jodi Gothold, Online Marketing Manager. “Fans can visit the site, enter competitions, challenge their mates to soccer trivia games and of course, book their seats to see their home team, whether that be England, Australia or any other team. They will be able to find all the information they need about each fixture, as well as the results throughout the entire tournament!”

So, can Australia really win this year’s World Cup battle? Well, just ask the defending world Champions, Italy. They only progressed to the quarterfinals in 2006 by scoring an injury time penalty against…

…Yes, the Socceroos!


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