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When you need to combine sophisticated content management capability with e-commerce functionality, Drupal and Drupal Commerce is one of the most robust solutions you can find.

Zoocha has invested significant time and resource into finding the best e-commerce solution that integrates with sophisticated content management capability to create customer experience that convert. Drupal Commerce is easily our recommended platform, providing the flexibility, scalability and security and enabling the very best category, product, promotion, content, customer and order management.

Zoocha Clients that use Drupal Commerce 

Zoocha are responsible for the development and support of numerous customers websites that use Drupal Commerce to some degree, including but not limited to:

  • Topdeck Travel
  • Countryside
  • The National Forest
  • Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
  • Lifemarque 
  • Herts for Learning
  • Visit Valencia
  • The Brooke
  • Local Tennis Leagues
  • School Exams

The history of Drupal Commerce

E-commerce functionality for Drupal was previous provided by an extremely competent system called Ubercart. However, during the release cycle for Drupal 7, the 'Drupal 7 Commerce Initiative' identified some significant areas for enhancement. Rather than focusing on the limitations of Ubercart, a more powerful 'e-commerce framework' was devised. Ubercart still exists and development of the system continues, however Zoocha believe the Drupal Commerce Framework is the only way to provide world class, enterprise scale e-commerce on Drupal.

"We believe that how you do eCommerce should be up to you, not your software."

Consider using Drupal Commerce for your e-commerce project.

Drupal is increasingly being used as the preferred choice of e-commerce platform. Driven by the 'Drupal 7 Commerce Initiative', a coordinated effort of developers in the Drupal / Ubercart community, the objective of Drupal Commerce is to develop a specification that will guide the e-commerce development on Drupal and provide a feature rich array of modules capable of building world class e-commerce websites.

The power of Drupal Commerce resides in the fact that it was developed with a framework mindset, which means that it focuses on what you can build with it. Whereas the vast majority of other e-commerce solutions are often developed with an application mindset, that highlight what you can do with it out of the box.

This basically means you can throw away the rule book as far as e-commerce goes. Traditionally, unless you've had the backing of a company with very deep pockets, the constraints that developers, designers, UX pros, and forward thinking marketeers have previously had to battle with, or work within the constraints of when it comes to e-commerce online can now be re-thought thanks to Drupal Commerce.

Using Drupal Commerce as the framework for your e-commerce site, you will benefit from:

Award Winning Content Management System

Drupal is at the core of Drupal Commerce so there is no limitation on extensibility, enabling the implementation of highly flexible, scalable and secure Drupal based E-Commerce websites.

Drupal is fast, flexible and secure.

Bespoke Promotions

Set up your own specific coupons and special offers - don't be limited to the standard boring promotion mechanics offered by 'off the shelf' e-commerce platforms.

Challenge us to see how Drupal Commerce could be used to enhance your promotions.

Advanced Customer Management

The scope of customer management extends well beyond the core 'profile management' functionality of most e-commerce platforms. Drupal Commerce includes product ratings, customer reviews, FAQ, advanced role and permissions management.

Flexible Payment Process Integration

With its own dedicated payment API, Drupal Commerce allows unlimited integration of payment processors and payment gateways. Over 50 payment gateways are already integrated.

Tailored Order Management

Drupal Commerce provides a highly flexible checkout, order status management, billing/ invoicing and delivery options.

Multichannel Retail Capability

Drupal Commerce is able to interface with any type of client, from Stores to Web to Mobile, as well as multiple types of systems, from CRM systems to Social Networks.

Cutting Edge Customer Experience

Tailor your own strategy for Cross-sell, Up-sell and Recommendations - they are all possible with Drupal Commerce.

Multi Faceted Search

Drupal Commerce leverages Drupal's dedicated Search API and can provide advanced multi faceted search based on Apache Solr.

Bespoke Product & Category Management

Product & Category Management is at the heart of an e-commerce business. With Drupal Commerce, the management of this content is based on Drupal which provides a highly flexible management suite, allowing for highly configurable product types, dynamic 'featured' product displays and custom pricing rules.

State of the Art Admin Interface

E-Commerce extensions for Content Management Systems are too often 'plug ins' that hang on the side of the core CMS. This makes development, management and support more difficult. Drupal Commerce on the other hand is tightly integrated with the core of Drupal, and behaves like a single, well-designed and scalable system.

Enterprise Level Scalability

Drupal Commerce enjoys the benefit of years of the Drupal communities development to achieve unparalleled scalability and security.

Multiple Currencies

Sell across geographical regions with granular multi currency capability.

Tax Calculations

Easy handling and display of VAT and sales taxes.

If you’re considering using Drupal Commerce for your e-commerce project, or need help with it on your existing site, give us a call on 01992 256700 or complete our Contact Us form.




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