What we do

Drupal Hosting & Managed Services

In conjunction with our hosting infrastructure partners #Platform.sh, Acquia and AWS, Zoocha offer a full cloud platform for Drupal ensuring unparalleled reliability and performance for Drupal CMS.

Our Drupal hosting and managed services offering provides:


For enterprise level hosting, we make use of the full AWS product range to build you a robust, highly available, scalable infrastructure that can serve a global audience. Scheduled backups & Disaster Recovery processes included as standard.


Flexible and scalable performance as and when the site needs it, delivering the constant, fast load times that only virtual parallel processing can offer. AWS has auto-scaling capability that can flex to, and respond to spikes in traffic. Websites are performance optimised for a global audience with pages always delivered through a CDN


For our enterprise customers on AWS, we configure the infrastructure on our clients own accounts, so there is absolutely no lock-in with Zoocha, and full transparency of costs. Zero-touch deployments that allow for simple deployments to live, with rollbacks, versioned releases and auto testing integration. We always provide full transparency of all costs no matter what hosting partner is chosen.


Zoocha hosting and infrastructure maintenance services are ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified. Always full HTTPS, along with hardware measures (firewall) and software layers of defence such as OSSEC.

Sites hosted with Acquia

We are an Acquia partner, and have experience setting up, developing against, and supporting Drupal sites that are hosted on the Acquia cloud platform. We also have experience of setting up external Continuous Integration tools (such as Jenkins) to integrate with the Acquia Cloud API to drive deployments, backups, tests etc.

If you're looking for somewhere to house your Drupal site, or would like to talk to someone about scaling your existing infrastructure, please give us a call on 01992 256700 or complete our Contact Us form.


Our Drupal Hosting and Managed Services are certified to be ISO9001 and ISO27001 complaint:

Zoocha are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified.

Our AWS infrastructure components

The following components often form part of our AWS infrastructure, depending on your requirements:

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  • AWS logo
  • Chef logo
  • Elastic Search logo
  • Fabric logo
  • Git logo
  • Github logo
  • Jenkins logo
  • MemCache logo
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  • New Relic logo
  • Nginx logo
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