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Investing in your website is a big decision and requires clarity on what you're trying to achieve, how you'll measure success and what approach to take. Our team has the expertise and experience to help define your digital strategy and create a roadmap for success.


The Zoocha Digital Strategy is designed to:

  • Define your business model, product roadmap and customer profile
  • Provide a plan to scale and grow your business
  • Identify exactly what your business is offering your customers
  • Research how your customers will discover your product or service
  • Evaluate how your customers interact with your website and improve the experience


The goals of the digital strategy can be broken down as :


  • To enable more accurate costings that define what you are looking for from a site build
  • Reduce risk in the development process and create a roadmap


  • A fully formed requirements document and functional specification


  • A development and product roadmap that defines essential vs non-essential features and gives you a clear focus for your digital


The outcome of the Zoocha Digital Strategy is not locked in Zoocha’s ongoing involvement!

It can also be in the format of an RFP or a standalone strategic plan.

This provided you with the maximum portability to decide the next steps once the work is concluded.


The Zoocha Digital Strategy covers the following areas:

These topics are not compulsory - Each of these areas can be covered individually or multiple topics can be addressed as part of a bespoke strategy designed for business.


Ensuring your product or website architecture is clear and that user journeys are well defined


  • Define and envision the product based on features, functionality, navigation, structure and user interaction
  • Define product features and direction early on before design and development starts
  • Identify functional and business decisions before design and development begins
  • Get important feedback early on through client feedback, research and user testing to ensure the product will be successful


  • The product or website is well defined with a set of ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ features
  • The customer path is clear and customers can navigate and complete desired goals

If you need help with your Digital Strategy, or are interested in understanding more about our Digital Strategy offering, then call us on 01992 256700 or complete our Contact Us form.

Code Audit

The code audit would review your current site and highlight any areas that should be addressed


  • Review architecture of the site
  • Review of custom modules
  • Review of theme and front-end technologies
  • Assessment of the maintainability of your existing site


  • A prioritised set of recommendations and actions that should be carried out before any new development takes place

Market Analysis

The market analysis falls into two categories

  1. Who is looking for your products or services?
  2. How will they find you?


  • Keyword marketplace analysis
  • SEO Analysis of the existing site


  • Identification of all the keywords relevant to your business
  • A fully optimised website structure, content and an organic and paid search strategy to drive visitors to your website

Development roadmap

The development roadmap is the culmination of all the separate elements in the digital strategy


  • Define development goals and milestones
  • Define development Sprint timeframes
  • All development tasks categorised as ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’


A fully formed product and development strategy with all the initial planning in place and a clear idea of the development work required, timeframes and goals.

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