Joost Blinds

Joost Blinds is a UK based manufacturer and designer of window blinds. Their aim is that they want to make a simple, design lead roller shade that doesn’t break the bank.

Type of Work: 
Design, Drupal
Drupal, Drupal Commerce
Launch year: 

The Brief: 
Joost Blinds approached Zoocha with a complex set of requirements so that they were able to start selling blinds online. The four main categories of blinds that Joost were looking to sell were:
  • Ready made blinds
  • Value blinds
  • Best selling blinds
  • Custom blinds
Each of these different ways of purchasing blinds came with their own nuances and configuration limitations and restrictions.
The Solution: 
Joost Blinds were already sold on Drupal from experience on previous projects, so it was the natural first port of call to see if it would be suitable for this particular implementation. After several meetings and workshops it was apparent that Drupal would be a natural fit with its highly flexible e-commerce engine in the shape of Drupal Commerce and its highly customisable content types that would be able to support what is required.
Technical highlights and/or The Result: 
  • Drupal 7 implementation
  • Use of Drupal Commerce
  • Custom line items through Drupal Commerce to facilitate the vast number of potential product variations
  • Implementation of a complex product restriction system
  • Integration with back-end business systems
  • Bespoke delivery option configuration
  • Implementation of a pricing matrix and dynamic costing formula
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