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The Mydex vision is the emergence of a world where individuals are in greater control of their lives with the freedom to choose how and what personal data to share in order to have a balanced relationship with each other, society as a whole, governments and organisations. The Mydex mission is to empower individuals to manage their lives more effectively through convenient, trustworthy access and control of their personal data and how it is used by them and others.

In 2012 Mydex were seeking a development partner that had the capability to work across a range of technologies in order to fulfil this vision.


As development partners for Mydex since the beginning of 2012, Zoocha have been involved in a number of projects with Mydex, including:

Technical highlights

The technical highlights from a 6 year working relationship with Mydex are numerous. Some examples are:

  • Development of a 'zero-knowlege' platform using strong encryption algorithms
  • Development of a comprehensive automated testing suite that achieves coverage of the public facing applications and the API's
  • An external integration hub that allows members to pull their data from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • A consent API service
  • Master reference data service API's
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