Aside from Drupal, Zoocha are also well versed in Slim PHP development, and have been using it to create everything from high performance API's to light-weight single purpose apps.

What is Slim PHP?

Slim is a micro framework written in PHP that allows developers to quickly write simple, powerful, light-weight web applications and APIs. A "micro" framework is a collection of the essential components that are required to build a web application.

How can we help you?

Zoocha can help you in a number of ways:

  • Slim PHP development / implementation services.
  • Give advice on how you can replace your sluggish Drupal Services API, with a high performance Slim PHP API equivalent.
  • With an options appraisal of the various PHP frameworks, to help you find the most suitable for your project.
  • Helping you design your Slim application, and planning the right architecture.
  • With any integration work using Slim.

Where have we used Slim PHP?

We have used Slim PHP on a number of projects, for example:

  • VisitBritain - For a light-weight API to serve up real-time UK visitor statistics.
  • VisitBritain - As a single purpose application that handles email unsubscribe functionality, and the integration with their SugarCRM system.
  • Mydex - For the underlying API of the platform.
  • Mydex - In the production of a versatile sign-up / registration wizard.

The common theme here is that the primary requirement for each of these projects, has been performance.

What about Drupal?

Although Drupal is our core area of expertise, and is more than capable of building everything that Slim can do, Drupal can sometimes be a tad overkill for certain tasks. One such task is the creation of high-performance, light-weight API's - in this area Slim excels where Drupal would otherwise struggle.