About us

Jess White

Creative Director

Packed with the brightest and most capable digital experts, you can feel the buzz at Zoocha HQ of an organisation who are passionate about delivering the very best for clients. We work as hard as we play and the clients can really feel part of our team.

Bolstering the ranks of the northern contingent at Zoocha HQ, Jess it our relentless pursuer of creative perfection and champion of common sense design.

Boasting nearly 20 years experience in the industry, working with clients ranging from investment banks to global retailers, Jess knows a thing or two about delivering online experiences that work for the consumer, and deliver results.

Leading the creative team at Zoocha, Jess brings her wealth of experience, enthusiasm for the new, and zen-like calm to projects that she is involved with.

If you are lucky enough to be involved in a project with Jess, expect to toast your success with a Barnet Bellini!

Date joined: 
July, 2015