How we do it


Zoocha is focused on developing systems and processes to ensure efficient and effective delivery of our clients objectives. Using online collaboration tools like Pivotal Tracker, Zoocha aims to become a ‘natural extension’ of our clients team, powered by open communication, clearly defined accountability and shared targets.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an easy to use, collaborative project management tool specifically designed for agile software development. OK, so you have to learn the language (epics, icebox etc) but once you do, there will be no turning back. Zoocha test drove loads of systems before settling on Pivotal Tracker... because it is the best!

Google Apps

Have you heard of Google? They are a digital.... OK, of course you have. Well like 'em or loath 'em (we have both camps at Zoocha) they do what they do very well. Thanks to their Google Drive collaborative documents, sharing information and working together is a seamless part of the Zoocha machine. Not used Google Apps? Google it!


Where enterprise grade hosting is required, Zoocha use the AWS product stack to build highly available, auto-scaling infrastructure for our clients.


GitHub is a code repository tool used by over five million people Worldwide. At Zoocha, we use it as the central 'hub' of all code management code review and it forms the core platform for the developer workflows. We are happy to provide clients access to the private repository used for their project to offer full visibility.


Selenium automates browsers so that you can conduct rapid user journey testing. At Zoocha we use Selenium for automating testing, but it is certainly not limited to just that. Selenium is supported by some of the largest browsers who are even working towards making Selenium a native part of their browser. It is also a core technology in many other browser automation tools, APIs and frameworks.

Behind the scenes systems

Some of the other systems, frameworks and technologies that we use behind the scenes include: Vagrant, Jenkins, GPG, NGINX, Apache Solr, Logstash, Kibana, ActiveMQ, Munin, Nagios, Ubuntu, SlimPHP, PHP-FPM, Elastic Search, Fabric, Bootstrap, D3, Twig, Guzzle