About us

George Brook

Front-end Developer / Drupal Themer

With a collection of coders from different backgrounds, Zoocha comprises some of the best behind the keyboard in the wonderful world of web development. The expansion of large and complex projects does not intimidate us. In five words: Zoocha knows how to deal.
George graduated from the University of Bath in 2012 with a degree in Physics and was delighted to see a fellow Bath graduate at the head of the technical side of Zoocha. Since graduating he has been on a "post-gap year" to South Africa where he herded sheep and ploughed fields in KZN before having a bit of a "party month" in Cape Town. On arrival back to the UK he decided to reignite his technical side and teach himself the basic ins and outs of web development whilst working at a crazy bar in West Berkshire before joining Zoocha.
Date joined: 
March, 2014