About us

Denise Spangler

Senior Drupal Developer

Zoocha is a first-class company composed of quality people who are committed to doing what they do best. You can be sure to get great results from working with us.
Denise is a California girl who has spent 9 years studying Astrophysics before settling down to a life of web development in southern England. After completing her PhD at Durham University, Dr. Spangler spent the following 2 years learning PHP and MySQL, and built her first website from scratch before joining Zoocha at the start of 2012. With her insatiable appetite for solving problems and keeping her analytic mind active, she is ready to tackle any project or problem thrown at her. When Denise is not staring at a computer screen, she can be found in the Dojang kicking and punching pads. She has a blackbelt in taekwondo and is currently practicing Kickboxing. Certainly not one to be messed with!
Date joined: 
February, 2012