Arkhive Brochure Site

An online version of the physical brochure for sharing information and available services about ArkHive - an identity verification and data store management app.

Type of Work: 
Start Ups
CSS3, HTML5, Responsive Web Design
Launch year: 

The Brief: 

The objective of this project was to build a Brochure site for ArkHive, an identity and data storage management application. The brochure site was to include:

  • Several pages easy to access which explained areas of their services
  • A contact page
  • A page to show info on the employees and their roles
  • A page for showing off their first ArkHive Store

It was to replicate the physical brochure of the company and act as an online interactive info site. There was no strict design but the look and feel was to be colourful, friendly and easy to get around.

The Solution: 

The most obvious solution was to build a lightweight front end site which could quickly navigate between pages. With a few CSS mixins for animations on the navigation between pages, and the buttons to get around, along with the MVC AngularJS framework this was easily achieved. The site is essentially a “one page site” which only gets requested once and the rest of the content is loaded through AngularJS and AJAX requests making it relatively fast.

With not much time for the sprint, the site is optimized only for chrome due to the use of the CSS clip-path property which was essential for the design and not supported in many other browsers. It is also responsive, for mobile devices with screen sizes below ~750px.