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What is LocalGov Drupal?

LocalGov Drupal is a collaborative Drupal distribution with the goal of promoting cost-saving and efficient platform development.

LocalGov Drupal provides an out-of-the-box solution that is designed to meet the core needs of Council websites, with extensions being continuously contributed back to the solution for all councils to benefit from.

LocalGov Drupal

Why LocalGov Drupal?


With the new WCAG2.2 guidelines, it is more important than ever to ensure your council platform conforms to accessibility standards. LocalGov Drupal ensures compliance out-of-the-box, supported by the IAAP certified expertise in our team, you can be confident in meeting WCAG2.2 standards. 



Drupal is already recognised for its strong commitment to security, and this is only further demonstrated in LocalGov Drupal. 



Ensuring Local Councils are able to achieve visually engaging, secure and usable platforms at a cost-effective rate is at the core of the LocalGov Drupal community. LocalGov Drupal has been shown to reduce the costs associated with developing a new council platform by up to 80%.

Continuous Evolution 

There are already over 40 councils involved in LocalGov Drupal and this number is growing every day. By getting involved in the community, your council platform will be able to benefit from the new features, enhancements and updates that are being continuously contributed back to the distribution. 


Backed by User Research

All LocalGov features are backed by user research with real council website users. Combined with our commitment to a user-centred approach to platform design and development, LocalGov Drupal allows you to easily meet the needs of a vast range of council platform users.

Our Work with LocalGov Drupal

Zoocha have been involved with LocalGov Drupal since the project was in the early stages of Discovery and are now supporting supplier. Since then, our team have made contributions, attended workshops and supported the generation of the distribution roadmap. The Zoocha team are active in the LocalGov Drupal Slack space and continue to participate in the evolution of the distribution.



Zoocha have worked with 6 Local Councils using LocalGov Drupal, check our our work with Wokingham Council and Westminster City Council below.

Case studies

LocalGov Drupal Transformation

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Platform & Microsite Development in LocalGov Drupal

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