Journals Consult

Journals Consult is part of Elsevier, a global publisher and the leading provider of science and health information. Journals consult is a portal for searching and accessing information about over 900 health science journals and publications.

Type of Work: 
Design, Drupal
Launch year: 
Project status: 

The Brief: 
Zoocha worked with Elsevier to design and build the Journals Consult portal using Drupal, which needed to be fed content via a feed from an internal Elsevier system. A particularly important feature for the site to have advanced multi-lingual capability, as the site need to cater for a global audience, with some regions that the site was targetted towards using challenging character sets, such as Japan.
The Solution: 

We initially focussed our efforts on understanding the feed of content that we had to work with, so that we were able to make a recommendation as to what would be the best way of integrating it with the site. Once we understood the scale of the feed, the type of content it was delivering, the frequency of change and such, it was obvious that the only real option available to us was to use the Drupal Migrate module. Using this we were able to efficiently parse the feed, handle all supporting image assets and import in to appropriate content types within Drupal with ease.

With the content in place, and the structure behind it decided, it was a fairly straightforward exercise to build the Views and surface the content in the classic category / product manner that the feed from Elsevier dictated.