Dixons Retail

Zoocha worked with Dixons Retail on a consultancy basis covering several core areas including SEO, affiliates, CRM / Email Marketing and PPC.

Type of Work: 
Launch year: 

The Brief: 
Dixons needed a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy supported by a specialist agency. At the time, Zoocha had insufficient resources to provide this support so working on a consultancy basis to defined the SEO strategy and targets for the three core UK websites in the Dixons Retail group; dixons.co.ukpcworld.co.uk and currys.co.uk.
The Solution: 
Zoocha conducted keyword analysis to establish the priority areas for SEO and then scoped the level of investment required. At that time, Zoocha were not able to fulfil all requirements of the SEO strategy, so wrote an RFP for Dixons Retail to select an agency that had the appropriate resource to implement the strategy. Zoocha were involved throughout the process which culminated in the selection of a Steak Digital, a leading SEO agency as their SEO partner. The relationship between Zoocha and Dixons Retail is a great example of how we put the clients needs first, even when that means referring to a competitor that is better suited to meet those needs at that point in time.