British Science Association

British Science Association (BSA) are the UK's nationwide science open membership organisation, which provides opportunities for people of all ages to learn about, discuss and challenge the sciences and their implications. The BSA website is built using Drupal and Zoocha were asked to help support and develop the site.

Type of Work: 
Not for Profit
Drupal, Drupal Commerce
Launch year: 
Project status: 

The Brief: 

BSA initially approached Zoocha for an audit and evaluation of their existing Drupal platform, as they wanted to extend their site with complex new e-commerce and event based functionality.

BSA runs several channels for engaging people in Science, including British Science Festival, National Science and Engineering Week and Crest* (the programme for schools). BSA faced several challenges, specifically with event organising/ management and administration and membership fees for Crest*.

  • E-commerce for Crest* Membership and renewals
  • Event proposal, administration and publishing for British Science Festival
  • Reporting and admin screens
  • Schools data management
The Solution: 
The work commenced with a thorough audit of the Drupal implementation so that the scale of each task and new feature could be scoped and estimated. Zoocha then worked through a series of agile development sprints to implement the new functionality for BSA.
Technical highlights and/or The Result: 
  • Use of organic groups to run the British Science Festival events
  • This enabled users to 'propose' events that could be 'approved' by a BSA admin
  • The event organiser can then invite participants to add agenda items to the event
  • BSA admins retain publishing control of event content
  • Drupal Commerce used for handling all transactions