OS Open Data Masterclass

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I am a bit mad about maps. Especially the online, interactive ones. When I heard about the OS (Ordnance Survey, rather than operating system!) open data Masterclass, I signed up for it immediately, very curious to see how OS data could fit in with online mapping applications.

During the session, we were introduced to 4 new OS open data products (currently in beta mode): OS Open Map Local , OS Open Names , OS Open Rivers and OS Open Roads . As well as getting a chance to learn how to use QGIS, an open source geographic information software, to combine OS mapping data together with open data from the environmental agency and land registry to gauge flood risk and estimate land prices.

I was really fascinated by how much insight you can get from combining  data from various sources, leaving me to think that it would be even better if this stuff can be done in browser. Doubtless someone has already built a web version of QGIS, but if not... maybe a side project?

Another plus of the day is getting to see the new Geovation Hub in central London. It shares the space with the Urban Innovation  centre and is free to join -- a good place for getting inspiration from!

Details of OS open data can be found here: I was also told that they will be launching a public API for these in the next few months -- I can’t wait to play with it in the browser :)

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