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Mar 7 2016

Setting up Drupal Code Sniffer

titi 2 Comments Drupal, Web Development

A few weeks ago I had to go through the process of setting up php code sniffer on my new computer, and realised how confusing most of the blog posts out there are and how many loops and posts you have to jump through to get it set up.

I decided to write a quick post with all the commands in one place and small descriptions for most of the commands:

Installing Drupal Coding Sniffer

1. Download php code sniffer (source code: https://github.com/squizlabs/PHP_CodeSniffer)

curl -OL https://squizlabs.github.io/PHP_CodeSniffer/phpcs.phar

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Sep 4 2015

Still on Drupal 6? Here are your options!

dave 0 Comments Drupal, Hosting, Platform Development

With the imminent release of a Drupal 8 Release Candidate, which could potentially be announced as soon as the end of September at Drupalcon Barcelona, the clock has just started ticking a lot louder for those sites still on Drupal 6 with the looming Drupal.org support transition policy about to kick in:

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Jun 26 2015

Theming in Drupal 7 just got easier!

Will Richards 0 Comments Drupal, UX & Web Design

Theming in Drupal 7 has always been a bit fiddly at the best of times. Unbeknown to me a small feature crept into a Drupal 7 release without me realising - the backport of theme debug settings from the much anticipated Drupal 8. This feature allows you to view debug information directly in the mark-up and not have to go chasing template suggestion names from within the Drupal admin screens.

In your Drupal 7 installation simply add this line to your settings.php:

$conf['theme_debug'] = TRUE;

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Jun 24 2015

A review of Responsive Day Out - The Final Breakpoint

Will Richards 0 Comments Design, Digital Marketing, Drupal, General, News, UX & Web Design
Responsive Day Out - The Final Breakpoint - First slide of the conference

Last Friday saw another Responsive Conference take place at the Dome in Brighton. I had previously heard a lot about the conference, this being the third and (I believe) final outing I was thrilled that we managed to secure some tickets for myself and a selection of the Zoocha team members. From seeing the impressive list of speakers I was sure it would be a great conference, but I had no idea how much information, insight and motivation I would be taking home.

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Jun 10 2015

The Front End of FCA

george 0 Comments Drupal, Web Development

As part of the front end team, I was quite excited to be introduced into the project on the sites for FCA. We knew the sites would all be running on the same Drupal pre base using several modules to ensure smooth operation with different domains.

What we needed to focus on was dealing with five independent themes including a theme folder which was to be the basis for three separate sites. These three sites have very similar structures and the difference in the appearance between them is minimal. So just to get stuck into the project here are the sites:

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May 14 2015

DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015

denise 0 Comments Drupal, News

This Los Angeles native has gone home to do some learnin' about Drupal. Note: this is a heavily dev-based view of the conference. Apologies to frontenders, designers, wombats, etc, but there is only one me and about 10 sessions per slot. For a full list of everything check out https://www.youtube.com/user/DrupalAssociation/videos and https://events.drupal.org/losangeles2015/sessions/accepted.

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Oct 31 2014

Implementing Google Certified Shops code in Drupal

titi 1 Comments Digital Marketing, Drupal, Ecommerce


Google have made available their Google Certified Shops feature in the UK. Any online shop who applies to become a Google Certified Shop and implements the code on their site, will go through a ‘verification period’ which lasts from 30 days to 3 months (depends on the amount of orders you get per month); and at the end of the period you will become an official Google Certified shop.

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Oct 24 2014

Handling the Gruntwork of Frontend DevOps

paul 0 Comments Drupal, Web Development


With frontend development getting more and more complex every day, there are more and more steps we as frontend devs need to go through in order to get the job done. Of course there is still something to be said for crafting your HTML / CSS, but this isn't always required / possible.

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Aug 28 2014

Drupal Multilingual - Where do I start? What to think about?

denise 0 Comments Drupal
Drupal Multilingual - Where do I start? What to think about?

So you’re using Drupal and you want to make your site multilingual. If you already have experience doing this, chances are you are aware of the relative pains you must go through to make this happen. If this is your first time, well, hopefully I can make your first time less painful. 

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Jun 6 2014

Steps to a Successful Drupal Project

will 0 Comments Drupal, General

For anyone building a website or web application, Drupal promises loads. You will hear Drupal evangelists (like us) talk about the benefits of open source, zero licence fees, portability, scalability, flexibility and ease of integration with other systems. This is all true, so why do some organisations wrestle with Drupal, getting frustrated, confused and disillusioned?

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Mar 2 2014

Drupal Camp London 2014

denise 0 Comments Drupal, News
Drupal Camp London 2014

This weekend some of the Zoocha dev crew went to Drupal Camp London for a brush up on the latest Drupal developments. Not one to waste any time in introductions, let's get to the detail of what the team learned.

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Feb 4 2013

HotelSwaps – Innovative new startup implemented using Drupal

jenny 0 Comments Drupal, Ecommerce
HotelSwaps – Innovative new startup implemented using Drupal

We have been looking forward to making a blog post about HotelSwaps for quite some time now. HotelSwaps is one of our latest projects that we are particularly proud of as it showcases some of the things that Zoocha do best.

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Aug 21 2012

Zoocha at DrupalCon Munich 2012

zoocha-admin 0 Comments Drupal

As I’m sure everyone is aware it is DrupalCon Munich (August 20-24th). This year, the whole of Zoocha (all 14 of us!) are making are way over to Germany by every form of transport imaginable. Once there our team of developers will be honing their Drupal skills by attending the wide variety of sessions available and taking in the sights and sounds of Munich.

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May 24 2012

Zoocha are off to DrupalCamp Scotland

zoocha-admin 0 Comments Drupal

On Friday we will be packing our bags and heading north of the border to attend DrupalCamp Scotland. This year it is being held at the Informatics Forum at the University of Edinburgh’s George Square campus. The conference runs for two days and has a broad selection of sessions and training events that will offer something for everyone, from business decisions makers to Drupal developers.

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Jan 13 2012

Drupal Commerce – Countryside Implementation

zoocha-admin 0 Comments Drupal, Ecommerce

Here at Zoocha we have been getting very excited about the latest e-commerce developments happening for the Drupal CMS platform. Ubercart has been the mainstay of e-commerce development on Drupal for a number of years, and still continues to serve a huge number of sites, but there is a new kid on the block in the shape of Drupal Commerce.

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Nov 29 2011

Drupal Case Study for Property Place

zoocha-admin 0 Comments Drupal

We've just written up a case study for Drupal.org that explains some of the technical challenges that had to be overcome on a recent project of ours called Property Place. This project posed particular technical challenges due to the volume of data that we were having to deal with (350GB of images and 2GB of CSV data!) – essentially what amounts to every property for sale or rent within the UK.

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Aug 26 2011

Zoocha at DrupalCon London 2011

dave 0 Comments Drupal

We enjoyed some particularly impressive sessions at DrupalCon London this week – some of the highlights for us were (videos now available online):
Living Breathing Drupal: The Biology of a request – Kenny Silanskas gave some valuable insight into what happens underneath the hood when a page loads in Drupal.

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Jun 9 2010

Why does Zoocha love Drupal?

will 0 Comments Drupal

Zoocha has been operating for quite a while now, but still no Drupal post! Time to put that right I thought and it felt appropriate to kick of our first Drupal post with a plain and simple explanation of why we love it.


Everything about Drupal is easy, from its modular structure and taxonomy framework, through to its intuitive user interface. Working with Drupal could not be simpler!

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