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User Research


As part of VisitBritain’s wider digital platform overhaul, Zoocha was chosen to work with three departments within VisitBritain as their website design and development partner. This included partnering with the team behind to redesign and restructure their existing website on a new platform.

The Corporate team wanted a site that was more flexible in terms of content management and that would be able to provide a significantly improved user experience. One other fundamental requirement of the site build was to develop some innovative new ways to present vast amounts of detailed insights data, which their in-house research team curate, to’s broad cross-section of users. These visualisations would replaced replace the large number of downloadable Excel spreadsheets and Pivot tables that were being used to provide users with the data they were looking for.


With the collaboration of Zoocha’s UX / design and Drupal development team, the end result incorporated a wide range of user friendly data visualisations. This included an interactive world map and a variety of dynamic tables and charts (built using a D3.js library), which surface complicated total UK & regional market data in new and inspiring ways.

Behind these visual delights sits a powerful database and importer function through which the data is passed from the research team into the site and called by the user as they interact with the charts and tables.’s site analytics reveal quantitatively how reshaping user journeys has positively impacted the way users interact with the site.

Technical highlights

The Drupal 7 implementation has several key features of note:

  • Full integration with SugarCRM
  • Apache Solr driven search
  • Dynamic data loading of International Passenger Survey (IPS) data to power a range of visualisations and data presentation areas
  • SlimPHP powered API to facilitate live data updates to D3 graphs
  • Publication workflows configured using the Drupal WorkBench module
  • Auto-generation of downloadable spreadsheet documents based on data held within the database
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