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Drupal and Bootstrap Drupal george 01 May 2018 Bootstrap 3 With all previous large scale Drupal projects, we have used Bootstrap 3. It has worked well as an all round solid framework with a good structure for handling mobile and desktop styling. The grid system is the most useful and helpful thing about it, saving us time and…


Drupal Association Premium Supporting Partner

Over the past 8 years, Zoocha have actively contributed to Drupal community in several ways: code contributions module maintenance attending / sponsoring DrupalCons attending / sponsoring and speaking at DrupalCamps To further support the great work of the Drupal Association, Zoocha are proud to have become a Premium Supporting Partner.

26 Apr 2018 Drupal Association Premium Supporting Partner



Drupal Certified Developers at Zoocha

This is in addition to the ISO27001:2013 & ISO9001:2015 certifications that we have recently achieved for our development, support and hosting services, our AWS certification for Solutions Architecture , along with some of the less technical certifications achieved last year which included Scrum Alliance, NN/g UX amongst other things .…

12 Mar 2018 Drupal Certified Developers at Zoocha
Extending Twig Templates with Blocks... Drupal Web Development paul 14 Feb 2018 One of the many good things about Drupal 8 is the introduction of Twig. It's a lovely templating engine that, in my opinion, is far superior to PHPTemplate. For us frontenders, it has a much nicer user syntax that's more akin to handlebars or other JS templating engines. Imagine this…


Web Development,


Zoocha awarded ISO 27001:2013 certification

Just like quality, as we discussed in our post about our recent ISO 9001 certification , trust is one of our core values at Zoocha. An important part of this is ensuring our clients can trust that we are looking after their data effectively. As we already adhere to the…

21 Nov 2017 Zoocha awarded ISO 27001:2013 certification


Web Development

Zoocha awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification

Quality, of course, is something that needs to be demonstrated rather than just talked about. So, earlier this year we set out on a journey to prove that we could practice what we preach by starting the process to become ISO certified. It’s worth pointing out it was key for…

21 Nov 2017 Zoocha awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification
Setting up Drupal Code Sniffer Drupal Web Development titi 07 Mar 2016 A few weeks ago I had to go through the process of setting up php code sniffer on my new computer, and realised how confusing most of the blog posts out there are and how many loops and posts you have to jump through to get it set up. I… Still on Drupal 6? Here... Drupal Hosting Platform Development dave 04 Sep 2015 With the imminent release of a Drupal 8 Release Candidate , which could potentially be announced as soon as the end of September at Drupalcon Barcelona , the clock has just started ticking a lot louder for those sites still on Drupal 6 with the looming support transition policy… Local .htaccess environment conditionals, HTTPS... Drupal Web Development Platform Development denise 01 Sep 2015 Adapted from a post by the Nerdary that basically deals with the problem of having .htaccess files that are different on your local and other environments. This example deals with the headache of https and not wanting your local environment to automatically redirect to HTTPS. I am only posting the…