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The team at Zoocha take massive pride in being the best at what they do (and also become somewhat competitive when presented with a leader board) - so following the release of Drupal 9, the race was on to see who would be first to earn the badge of the UK's first official certified Drupal 9 developer.

The UK's #1 Drupal 9 Developer

Step forward and take a bow Constantin "Titi" Dumitrescu. It was a close race but our veteran bug slaying, code-beast took top spot on the podium!

Titi Drupal 9 Certified Developer

The UK's #2 Drupal 9 Developer

Not happy at being pipped at the post, Alex Johnston sprung into action quickly afterwards to become just the second certified Drupal 9 developer in the UK and one of only 14 in the World at the time of writing.

Alex Drupal 9 Certified Developer

Acquia Drupal 9 registry leader board

The first Drupal 9 Grand Master at Zoocha?

This is by no means a two horse race here at Zoocha either; with Joe, Kimberley and Reece also holding the Drupal 8 Grand Master credential, along with Paul, Owen and Santi part of the GM Drupal 7 club, the first past the post for the Drupal 9 accolade could be anyone!

Let the race begin!