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Increased Engagement

Increased Engagement


Working in collaboration with VisitEngland, who in partnership with the National Tourist organisations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have launched a Drupal 8 powered application to support a newly commissioned UK-wide industry standard and consumer mark called “We’re Good To Go”.

The ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard and supporting mark means businesses can demonstrate that they are adhering to the respective Government and public health guidance, have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and checked that they have the required processes in place.


Despite a rapid turnaround time being achieved; project kick-off (4th June 2020) to launch date (15th June) spanning just 3 weeks, the application boasts a range of key features:

  • Implemented on a Drupal 8 platform, taking advantage of the many features the Webform module and its suite of supporting modules has to offer (conditional fields, custom handlers, digital signature widget, exports,  multistep, save progress etc.) with custom logic applied to the Webform module to allow for many different combinations of user journeys, including moderation and approval processes
  • Supporting fully authenticated traffic, the application was configured with:
    • AWS Cloudfront CDN to provide caching for anonymous users and static assets
    • Drupal 8 dynamic caching used to offer caching to authenticated users
    • AWS Elasticache to provide a Memcache server to replace the normal Drupal database cache backend
    • AWS EC2 and Aurora auto-scaling capability
  • Integration with the xtremepush Maxemail API
  • Accessibility of the site was tested to WCAG2.1 AA standard, with the whole site being keyboard accessible, including the multi-step form
  • Security features included the core Drupal best practice approaches, with enhancements delivered through contrib modules including Honeypot, Security Kit, Login Security, and Password Policy to name a few. At an infrastructure level, AWS services including WAF and Shield were called upon to ensure enhanced protection against threats.
  • The design was created by the Zoocha design team
  • Compliance with the Welsh Language Act to ensure that information is available for the benefit of consumers in the Welsh language

Technical highlights

  • Over 4000 Sign-ups in first 24 hours
  • Over 2000 Successful “We’re Good To Go” consumer marks achieved in the first 24 hours.
  • Over 50,000 visitors in first week
  • Nearly 30,000 registered users within first 10 days
  • Over 25,000 completed applications within first 10 days
  • Approx 22,000 completed applications within first 10 days
  • 100% uptime
  • Application mentioned on major news channels and outlets
  • ~83% form completion rate (week after launch)