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Ofsted required a site that allowed members of the public to contact them securely for a range of different use-cases such as:

  • A contact form for general queries
  • A complaints about school form
  • A complaints about Ofsted form

The site also had to adopt the GOV.UK branding guidelines, along with the forms meeting the standards articulated within the GOV.UK service manual.

All created forms needed to work without any developer input across a wide spectrum of devices and legacy browsers.



A Drupal 8 site was created that allowed for the creation and management of online forms by the Ofsted digital team.

User submitted information is held securely along with any file attachments that are provided by users so that only authorised members of the Ofsted team can access them.

Admin interfaces are in place to manage the high volume of contact submissions that are made by members of the public, along with anti-spam measures to reduce the amount of messages that need to be handled by the Ofsted team.