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In July 2011, Games Workshop, the global leader in tabletop fantasy game play, launched a new rule book for their flagship Warhammer game called ‘Storm of Magic’. Extensions to the Warhammer game are big news in the gaming community and are accompanied by a whole new range of products sold online and via Games Workshop hobby centres throughout the world.In order to engage the global community of ‘gamers’ a marketing campaign was required that provided a means for customers to interact, using the new products as the driver for engagement.

Zoocha devised, designed and build a bespoke photo sharing application that formed the centre piece of the launch campaign, titled ‘Scourge of the Storm’. The app was added to their official Facebook page and Zoocha build a ‘photo hall of fame’ widget to be embedded on their website to ensure the campaign was fully integrated into the product launch.

The incentive for entering the competition was ‘bragging rights’… You read that correctly – no prizes were offered! As testament to the strength of the user experience and the brand engagement, the app was installed by over 2000 users.