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Zoocha has been operating for quite a while now, but still no Drupal post! Time to put that right I thought and it felt appropriate to kick of our first Drupal post with a plain and simple explanation of why we love it.


Everything about Drupal is easy, from its modular structure and taxonomy framework, through to its intuitive user interface. Working with Drupal could not be simpler!


Everything about Drupal is customisable, making it one of the most flexible platforms around. There is also a huge range of modules available to enable community sites and discussion forums, intranet applications, ecommerce, blogs, podcasting, galleries, newsletters and much, much more!


As and open source platform, Drupal is FREE, which means your web budget can be spent where you need it – design, content, layout and marketing.

Scalable and Future Proof:

Worked on by a world wide team of technical wizards, Drupal is constantly being reviewed and upgraded. Also, for anyone who has, or is considering using a bespoke CMS provided by their digital agency consider the following: bespoke, in house CMS systems are developed by small teams of techies, who, if they leave the agency, make it very difficult to upgrade or bug fix. If the agency goes bust, so does your CMS system. If you fall out with your agency or want to move your site, you will need to re-platform. Needless to say, with Drupal, you face non of these problems!

Google Loves Drupal:

OK, I haven't actually asked Google if they love Drupal, so I will qualify this by saying that Drupal comes loaded with SEO tools and judging by how well Drupal sites rank, I think it is a fair assumption!

Stable and Secure:

The chosen platform of Sony Music, IBM, Greenpeace and The White House, Drupal has proved its credentials for security and stability.

It helps us deliver world class websites:

I suppose the main reason we love Drupal is that it helps us make brilliant websites, for ourselves and for our clients.

If you are interested in learning more about Drupal or would like a quote, please get in touch!


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