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"It’s very difficult to talk about just one inspiration.

I feel very fortunate that at Zoocha we have almost all representations of how inspiring and courageous women can be. We have single mothers, divorcees, LGBTQIA+, single women starting careers and the women who have decided to not have kids. All of this in a society that is very judgemental of the paths they decide to take.

So if you ask which woman inspires me? You all do!" 

- Rod Volpe, Managing Director Brazil

International Women’s Day on the 8th March marked the global celebration of women, with the 2023 theme encouraging us to #EmbaceEquity. For us at Zoocha, International Women’s Day served as a reminder to challenge gender stereotypes, support inclusion and promote allyship in a traditionally male dominated industry. 

Allyship has been a key reflection for our team, focusing on how we as an organisation can better support the women in our team and wider community as we strive for equity. It is for this reason that Zoocha are making a donation to a local charity aimed at supporting the wellbeing of women and girls in the area. You can find out more about their work here.

March 8th also provided an opportunity to look internally to the women in Zoocha who make up 46% of our global team and encapsulate leadership, strength and empathy on a daily basis. Last week we gathered statements from across our team on the women at Zoocha that inspire and motivate them, recognising the overwhelmingly positive contributions made by these individuals. 

These statements highlighted both the good-humour and expertise offered by the women in our team, demonstrating the range of qualities offered that have been instrumental in our growth as a business. This sentiment is perfectly reflected in a statement from our Head of People & Culture, Dani Volpe: 

“I feel very privileged to be able to work with amazing women like all of you. The determination, competence and professionalism is inspiring. You deserve all respect but above all, equality! Thank you for the learning opportunities, friendships and for making my days more special. Happy women’s day to all of us!”

As we move forward from this week and into the remaining weeks of Women’s History Month, we aim to lead with positivity through creating an environment at Zoocha that remains ahead of the curve in the international push towards gender equality. 

To read all the statements shared by our team over the last week, check out our instagram page!