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One such example is our work with a Middle Eastern government, whose Ministry of Public Health needed to mobilise their population to sign up for a National Volunteering Campaign to help the country fight the COVID-19 virus.

Through our relationship with that government, Zoocha were asked to create a new dual language (Arabic and English) website that would enable citizens residents to volunteer their time and skills to support the national effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wanting to lend our shoulder to the wheel of the effort against COVID-19 in any way possible, we reacted quickly and assembled a team that rose to the challenge.

Within 72 hours of receiving the brief, Zoocha and the client team delivered a secure and high performance website that attracted over 50,000 visitors and over 7,000 almost 100,000 visitors and over 11,000 completed volunteer registrations in the first 24 hours and is now approaching 30,000 registrations.