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Our primary concern continues to be the health and wellbeing of the Zoocha team and we therefore welcome the legislation and guidance issued by the Governments of all the countries in which we operate, to ensure we avoid exposing anyone to unnecessary risk of infection. As of 23rd March, every member of the Zoocha team has been supported to work from home and our offices have been closed. We have provided additional equipment and systems to ensure all meetings can be conducted via phone, video conference and screen sharing.

Should any of our team members, or members of their household, start to present even mild symptoms, they have been advised to follow the UK Government’s position and to go into self isolation - only continuing to work if they are comfortable in doing so.

Zoocha will continue to offer full support and remain in constant communication with all staff during this challenging period. We will also be in regular contact with our client partners, ensuring they are notified as soon as possible should there be any direct impact to underway project work or support tickets.

Service Status:

  • As of 25/03 Zoocha has had no staff member diagnosed with the virus, nor has it had any in self isolation.
  • We continue to operate with a full team, offering our clients full 24/7 Support as well as continued delivery on all Design, UX and Development projects.
  • Our website and social channels will offer regular updates as to the current infected situation and any impact to services.

Client expectations:

We appreciate the unease, unrest and uncertainty this virus has introduced to all our daily operations - so we ask for you to be as open as you are able to with us and we in turn will be more than happy to work on amending targets and deadlines should your availability take a sudden change.

As an example of our successful transition to a fully distributed (remote working) team, Zoocha have been able to provide several of our Government client partners with emergency development (including out of hours resources) to enable them to deliver digital services and communication regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. If any of our clients or any other government organisation requires similar assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

And finally - stay in touch! Working remotely could well bring a set of new challenges, so please feel free to drop us any questions to help get you and your colleagues functioning as smoothly as possible from home - or just to say ‘Hi!’

Thank you, Team Zoocha