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Aug 24 2016

Nesting with CSS: the Good the Bad and the BEM

paul 0 Comments Web Development

Here at Zoocha we use preprocessor for almost all our frontend work. Predominantly we use SASS although some projects are on LESS, partly for historical reasons. No-one can deny that it’s a really powerful way of writing CSS, giving you access to variables, mixin functions, and the apparent Holy Grail: nesting. The thing about all of the above though, and I think something that often gets forgotten is these are all tools to make the developer’s life easier. The result is still compiled down to CSS. 

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Mar 7 2016

Setting up Drupal Code Sniffer

titi 2 Comments Drupal, Web Development

A few weeks ago I had to go through the process of setting up php code sniffer on my new computer, and realised how confusing most of the blog posts out there are and how many loops and posts you have to jump through to get it set up.

I decided to write a quick post with all the commands in one place and small descriptions for most of the commands:

Installing Drupal Coding Sniffer

1. Download php code sniffer (source code: https://github.com/squizlabs/PHP_CodeSniffer)

curl -OL https://squizlabs.github.io/PHP_CodeSniffer/phpcs.phar

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Sep 1 2015

Local .htaccess environment conditionals, HTTPS example

denise 0 Comments Platform Development, Web Development

Adapted from a post by the Nerdary  that basically deals with the problem of having .htaccess files that are different on your local and other environments.

This example deals with the headache of https and not wanting your local environment to automatically redirect to HTTPS. I am only posting the relevant code that sets up the environment variable.

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Jul 14 2015

OS Open Data Masterclass

wendy 0 Comments General, Web Development

I am a bit mad about maps. Especially the online, interactive ones. When I heard about the OS (Ordnance Survey, rather than operating system!) open data Masterclass, I signed up for it immediately, very curious to see how OS data could fit in with online mapping applications.

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Jul 8 2015

Testing in Internet Explorer without Windows!

paul 2 Comments UX & Web Design, Web Development

Screenshot of a Windows Desktop with the Internet Explorer icon(Image Credit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/microsoft/11480692/RIP-Internet-Explorer-Twitter-mourns-and-mocks-death-of-Microsofts-browser.html)

Internet Explorer. The bane of most web developers' lives. How often have we built a site and looked back content with our efforts, only to have that satisfaction whipped away when opening Internet Explorer?

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Jun 10 2015

The Front End of FCA

george 0 Comments Drupal, Web Development

As part of the front end team, I was quite excited to be introduced into the project on the sites for FCA. We knew the sites would all be running on the same Drupal pre base using several modules to ensure smooth operation with different domains.

What we needed to focus on was dealing with five independent themes including a theme folder which was to be the basis for three separate sites. These three sites have very similar structures and the difference in the appearance between them is minimal. So just to get stuck into the project here are the sites:

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Oct 24 2014

Handling the Gruntwork of Frontend DevOps

paul 0 Comments Drupal, Web Development


With frontend development getting more and more complex every day, there are more and more steps we as frontend devs need to go through in order to get the job done. Of course there is still something to be said for crafting your HTML / CSS, but this isn't always required / possible.

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Jan 27 2011

Why Use HTML5?

zoocha-admin 0 Comments Web Development

Update 27/01/11: HTML5 is now really just HTML. But for those who like buzz words we'll call it HTML5. So read on about why you can use the evolving version of HTML, I mean HTML5.

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