April 2011 - Blog Posts

Apr 21 2011

PHP and Tea

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We’ve noticed recently that the valuable Zoocha tea supply has been running out quicker than usual. Here in the office we’ve been debating why this is the case and numerous theories have been floated around.

The April Sun

The theory goes that drinking a hot drink will cool you down. As we’ve been enjoying an early summer lots of refreshing hot cups of tea have been needed to keep everyone at a comfortable temperature in Zoocha HQ.

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Apr 7 2011

My Marriage With Firefox 4

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The Nuptials

As a long time user of Firefox (as are most of the tech chaps in the Zoocha office) I’ve seen it graduate through its various incarnations. I started out back in the day with version 0.9(b?) with the excellent web developer plug-in and progressed to version 3.6 – all as my default browser of choice; regardless of OS.

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