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Zoocha can help you and your team get to grips with, and make the most out of your Drupal application. We can offer tailor made training courses ranging from basic Drupal content management, through to more complex site building activity.

Training suitable for any level

All of our Drupal training schemes:

  • Can be tailored to the needs of your organisation
  • Suit any level of seniority and experience
  • Can be focussed towards technical or non-technical audiences
  • Cover multiple Drupal versions
  • Provide training assets that can be rolled out across your organisation
  • Can be hosted at any Zoocha office, your office, or an alternative venue

In addition to the training sessions, Zoocha will suggest a further education plan so that your personal development can be continued beyond the scope of the training, which includes includes recommended reading, along with suitable exams and qualifications.

Our training courses could also be used for you to evaluate Drupal as a CMS, to see if there is a good fit for your organisation.

Who will perform the training?

We ensure that the trainer matches the requirements. If it's highly technical training you need, then we will call upon one of our Acquia certified "Triple Certified" team members to lead the training. If you're looking for more editorially focused training then your trainer will be experienced with content publishing and site management from a client perspective.

Basic Drupal Content Administration Training

Training aimed at content editors who are involved in the creation and maintenance of content on a Drupal website will cover areas such as:

  • Drupal terminology; Content Types, Nodes, Blocks, Views etc.
  • WYSIWYG editors e.g. CK Editor
  • User management
  • URL aliases and Redirects
  • Taxonomy
  • Workflows / Workbench
  • Making the most of the Drupal SEO modules

Advanced Drupal Content Administration Training

Training aimed at those team members who want to have more finely grained control over how their content is presented to users will touch on topics such as:

  • Panels
  • Paragraphs
  • Display Suite

Drupal Site Building

Aimed at clients who are confident in all aspects of content administration in Drupal, who also want to be able to manage the structure of their Drupal website:

  • Views
  • Drupal 8 Layout Builder
  • Blocks
  • Structure
  • Advanced modules

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