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Westminster City Council

News Drupal

Built on Drupal and using the LocalGov Drupal distribution, the new website has been designed around the needs of the different users, whether residents or businesses. Key areas of focus were:

  • direct and rapid access to information through a structured organisation of services
  • dedicated user journeys for business users
  • ability to support campaigns without distracting from the main goals for users
  • a visual design that reflects the council brand but with a community feel
  • improved accessibility, working with users requiring assistive technology throughout the design process and audited by DAC in Neath, Wales

From a technical perspective, the new website is built on Drupal and uses the LocalGov Drupal distribution to provide a well developed set of core features ‘out of the box’. We then extended some aspects of functionality such as events and services features to meet the needs of the council.

Several new features were also developed (major works, components, content review workflow) which we intend to contribute back to the LocalGov Drupal project.

LocalGov Drupal Tweet

Zoocha took on a complex and sometimes self-contradictory set of requirements and a punishing timeline confidently and with a minimum of fuss. They were as excited as we were about the opportunities LocalGov Drupal offered and fully entered into the democratic spirit of the project. They worked in a truly agile way and delivered beyond our specifications.

Alasdair Maclean, Web Project Manager, Westminster City Council

About LocalGov Drupal

LocalGov Drupal is an open source collaboration between UK councils and Drupal specialists like Zoocha with the aim of reducing the cost and increasing the speed and agility of local government digital publishing.

LocalGov Drupal is funded by the Local Digital Collaboration Unit, part of the UK Government Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and is being contributed to and used by local councils including Brighton & Hove, Croydon, Cumbria, Waltham Forest and now Westminster City Council.