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A little over 5 weeks ago we moved into our new office – The Seed Warehouse based in Hertford. And some things never change…moving is never easy.

Running Out Of Space

At around September 2011 it was becoming very apparent that we were going to be outgrowing our rooftop dwelling at Fore Street. The number of Zoochee’s were growing, so were the amount of desks but the size of the office was not. We hit the streets of Hertford in search of new dwellings and there was quite a choice to choose from.


When we initially came across The Seed Warehouse the initial impressions were

  • It’s huge
  • It has a roof terrace
  • It’s nice and cool for the “hot” english summers
  • It needs a bit of work….

So not to be put off by the final part we put in a application and started negotiations. As with any property, the point in which you choose to move in and finally get the keys can vary somewhat. This seem to vary quite a lot.

However at the beginning of August we got the keys and 3 days later the web developers, builders, painters, plumbers and sparky’s were hard at work ripping stuff up and replacing it with lovely new kit.

And We’re In

After landing from DrupalCon a crack team of removal experts (Zoocha stuff who generously gave up their bank holiday monday) we shifted all our office kit in.

So finally, whilst there a few bits and bobs to do, everyone is in and enjoying the wealth of space! Feel free to pop in and enjoy the loft conversion, rooftop terrace overlooking the canal and a mighty big projector!