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Usually, a year is enough time for us to become accustomed to new situations, but the past year has made it clear that this ‘new normal’ feels everything but normal to most of us. With the separation of work and home becoming smaller by the day, it is more important than ever to focus on our mental health and wellbeing. 

At Zoocha, we have spent the past year thinking of ways to help our team during these difficult times. Throughout the summer, we had weekly online hangout sessions where everyone could meet up and share a drink after work. More recently, we hosted our annual Christmas party online. Despite the distance, we kept tradition alive in our ugly Christmas sweaters as all three offices took part in our yearly Christmas quiz. 

These events are important reminders that just because we’re all at home, it doesn’t mean we can’t still find ways to be together. It’s crucial to try to find ways to socialize and maintain some normality while also adapting to the situation. 

Another step we are taking to promote mindfulness and self-care is offering weekly yoga sessions. Coupled with monthly desk yoga classes, guided meditation and journaling workshops, it is clear we are making wellbeing our 2021 new years resolution. These activities are things anyone can adopt into their daily routine. Being able to step away and take a breather is a lost art these days as many of us work from our bedroom. We should all remember that self-care means giving yourself permission to pause.

If you want to take other steps to better your mental health, here are some bonus tips for you:

  • Redefine your home: It might seem superfluous but having an aesthetically pleasing surrounding can do wonders for our mental health. If you like the environment you're in, it'll be much easier to be in it. It's the perfect time to start redecorating and add details to your home that will help you notice the positives of the space around you.
  • If you can't go out to nature, bring nature to you: Greenery is scientifically proven to reduce stress. Even just a photo of a bountiful landscape is enough to help our brain relax. Take it a step further by purchasing some plants to brighten up your surroundings.
  • Positivity first: Planning ahead and making events to look forward to, however small, can help us keep a positive mindset and better track of the days. Adopting concepts like “hygge” into our lifestyle can help maintain positivity.

Here’s to more precedented times soon!