VisitBritain - BritAgent

VisitBritain’s BritAgent is an online training programme / learning management system arming travel industry members with specialised product and destination knowledge in order to sell Britain more effectively to their customers across the globe.

Type of Work: 
CRM, Design, Drupal
Not for Profit
Drupal, HTML5, Responsive Web Design
Launch year: 
Project status: 

The Brief: 

The BritAgent team required a new learning management platform that would make educating interested parties across the globe as effective as possible. Given the global audience, offering the content in numerous languages was a necessity if the widest reach was to be achieved. The new Drupal LMS system developed by Zoocha made it significantly easier and less time consuming compared to the previous incumbent system to meet these needs. Another key requirement of the platform was for it to be entirely flexible, and act as a robust foundation for future platform enhancements to meet the changing demands of the VisitBritain BritAgent educational mission, and user demands.

The Solution: 

Britagent.com was relaunched in April 2015.

With a new responsive design, visitors to the site were greeted with a clean & uncluttered layout that enhanced rather than distracted from the site’s main purpose - to help users learn.

Alongside this, the structure of courses and assessments were overhauled:

  • One new feature was that assessments only unlock once a user has ‘read’ the associated course content.
  • Another was the use of Drupal’s Organic Groups. This facilitates the Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels, a structure which enables admins to target messages such as discounts and offers at specific groups.

Importantly, the new Drupal LMS system developed by Zoocha has made it significantly easier and less time consuming to add multiple translations of content compared to the previous incumbent system. The nine languages that are currently supported by the system are English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese & Japanese.