Tesco Brand Centre

Tesco is one of the leading retailers in the World, the largest supermarket group in the UK and the largest private sector employer in Britain. The Tesco Brand Centre website is a tool for Tesco colleagues and marketing agencies to ensure all brand communication is consistent, impactful and successful.

Type of Work: 
Apache Solr, CSS3, Drupal, HTML5, Responsive Web Design
Launch year: 
Project status: 

The Brief: 
The Tesco brand team identified the requirement for a website for their marketing community, as a tool for them to do their job and to help have consistency on how they use brand assets in all communications. The Tesco Brand Centre website needed to be easy to use and have seamless navigation, both within the website itself, but also linking to the relevant external websites: ie: Digital Asset Management libraries. The website also needed to be built on a platform that enabled it to be rolled out across all countries (and languages) where Tesco operate.
The Solution: 
Knowing how important it was for the brand assets and information to be easy to find by users, we invested plenty of time at the start of the project understanding, and defining a hierarchical taxonomical structure that allowed all content to be easily described. With a sound information architecture in place, and all content appropriately tagged, we were then able to kick off the Drupal development and construct a UI that was able to deliver content to users that was relevant to them, and to the job they were doing at the time. A fairly standard set of Drupal modules was used to deliver this project, with the bulk of the thinking already completed at the Design/UX/IA stage:
  • Drupal 7
  • Content publishing workflows
  • Apache SOLR
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Multi-lingual foundations
  • Responsive
Technical highlights and/or The Result: 
"I love the new brand centre site already! It makes my life so much easier for communications and design work....thank you"