Radley is an upmarket retailer in luggage, footwear, bags and travel accessories, specialising in genuine leather collections. Having founded in London in 1998, Radley have long since grown to popular recognition and success.

Type of Work: 
Launch year: 

The Brief: 
To work with Radley’s social media agency to build an interactive user interface through the brands’ dedicated Facebook fan page. The overall aim was to increase brand awareness and reach new consumers through an already established network of ‘fans’.
The Solution: 
The involvement of work for Zoocha included the creation of a landing page on which to house an online competition (run through popular social networking site Facebook), as well as developing the Facebook application The requirement to join the Radley Facebook fan page was an integral part of the competition, and the ability to automatically publish user activity to an individual’s ‘wall’ were both methods incorporated into the development of the application by Zoocha to spread awareness and encourage new users to join, thus enhancing the viral functionality of the app. The competition was centred on an interactive usability where fans were able to submit images of their collections (this could be anything whether it was a Radley product or not), which could then be voted on by other fans. The individual who received the highest number of votes would be the overall winner of the competition. As the purpose of social media applications is to engage a brand’s established audience and potentially grow their consumer base, its success could be measured through the number of current fans taking part in the competition, and the number new fans to the page who had joined in order to take part.