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Constantin "Titi" Dumitrescu

Senior Developer

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Flying the flag for Romania at Zoocha, Constantin "Titi" Dumitrescu arrived at Zoocha after having a spell at Saint Louis University in Madrid and later graduating from the University of Liverpool with a first class degree in Computer Science. Titi has since proved himself to be a top performer in everything he has been involved in here at Zoocha, whether that is debugging complex processes, extending existing applications, or building sites from the ground up. Do not expect to win if you play Titi at any sport. With 8 years professional tennis experience under his belt, Titi has a knack for demolishing all challengers when it comes to any form of racket sport, pool, table football, darts, golf... the list goes on. Titi reportedly also has a professional pilots license, so he'd probably beat you in a dog fight too. As if dominating the sporting scene at Zoocha wasn't enough, Titi also climbs like Spider-man, speaks 5 languages and can out drink a tramp (look up Țuică, but don't whatever you do, drink any).
Date joined: 
August, 2012